We are a Glasgow based furniture and cabinetmaking studio workshop founded by Joachim King in 2007.  Our small team is dedicated to producing work of the highest standard for domestic, commercial and retail clients. We design and manufacture our own pieces for sale and to order as well as taking on bespoke commissions and larger projects with architects or designers.


Joachim is originally from a Finnish boatbuilding family and has inherited a passion for fine craftsmanship and design. After graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2003, he worked for a lighting manufacturer before joining a Glasgow based friend and cabinetmaker to make the step to professional craftsman. This background proved invaluable in setting up and maintaining the workshop and handling the diverse range of projects which came his way. He has developed a wide client base and has a reputation for thorough, detailed and well designed work


The quality of any work depends on many things, probably foremost among them is design, material and workmanship.

We believe that good design is an elegant solution to a requirement. The requirements could be variously technical, operational, aesthetic or a combination of these or other considerations. We work hard to get design decisions right, from detailing stand alone pieces, to designing bespoke solutions to a storage problem, or simply construction for architectural commissions.  Design choices influence material and workmanship decisions too, and the right way is not necessarily the “best” or most expensive.  All materials have individual characteristics which come into play during manufacture and in service and most choices are a matter of balance. Likewise, construction methods are a trade off between suitability, practicality and cost, and it is our most important task to identify and prioritise all these considerations in the dialogue with a customer.

“We aim to put forward ideas, information, and design to help you to help us create the best possible solution for you.”


Wherever possible, we will source timber from local Scottish hardwood suppliers who manage their resources in a sustainable manner. Working in a sustainable way is important too, we have installed a rainwater collection system for use in the workshop and has insulated throughout to minimise heating energy use. All our lighting designs all use low energy light sources, such as LEDs and compact fluorescents, and when working on larger projects we encourages customers to use them also.


Although we design pieces speculatively, we welcome bespoke, one off commissions. In fact, many of our designs resulted from a commission, (the lunar console table for example) and the challenge of meeting specific requirements is often the most satisfying. Whether it is a completely new idea, an adaptation of an existing design or a piece to fit into a complicated space please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your project. Variety keeps life interesting!

We can provide anything from concept sketches through to detailed 3D dimensioned and rendered drawings to ensure the finished product meets with a client’s requirements.